Saturday , April 20 2019

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting The Job You Want

We’ve all been there. You’ve searched and searched and finally found a job you want. You dust off the resume, send off an application, and never hear anything about it ever again. You tell yourself it just wasn’t mean to be, but maybe you didn’t get the job for one of these reasons.

Your Resume Sucks.

When is the last time you rewrote your resume? A few tweaks here and there are great, and you should be custom tailoring your resume for each new job application, but when did you last revisit the entire thing?

As time goes on, you change. You learn new things, forget old ones, and your resume should reflect that. It needs to be current, not just on what you’ve done, but on who you are. Are you presenting your strengths in their best possible light? If you don’t know how to do this, then get your resume professionally written. It’s worth it.

And don’t ever have spelling or grammar mistakes. That’s how you go right to the trash bin.

You’re Applying to the Wrong Jobs

You need to have a clear sense of where you fall on the career spectrum. Applying to roles that are too junior or too senior are a sure way to get rejected.

Pay attention to the job qualifications! The person reviewing the applications will be, and if you didn’t, they will notice.

You Get Lazy

After several hours of searching and even more hours of filling out lengthy job applications, it’s normal to get tired and bored. By the end of it, you find yourself skipping parts of the application desperately trying to find the “submit” button.

Stop it. You need to put in the effort on every application. Even if you’re tired, you have no way of knowing whether this job is the one you’ll get and rushing your application only hurts you in the long run.

Your Social Media Sucks

We live in a digital, connected age and you can be sure that hiring managers are typing your name into Google to find your Facebook, Instagram, etc.

They are checking to see if you will be a good fit with the corporate culture, so that photo your friend took of you at that one party where you were dancing on the table might not make the best first impression.

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