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Offshore Jobs UAE : Five Continents Technical and Industrial Services Establishment is dedicated in providing manpower services of competitive engineers and highly skilled technicians for all Oil and Gas Power Industry of Abu Dhabi & other companies in the Middle East. Our activities are also extended to the area of recruitment of Direct Hire personnel for Infrastructure and Oil companies such as ADNOC, MASDAR, THR PETROLEUM INSITUTE (PI),ADCO, ZADCO, ADMA-OPCO, GASCO, ADGAS, AL HOSN GAS (ADGDC), Al Yasat Petroleum Operations Company ltd, BAB GAS Development (BGD), National Drilling Company ( NDC), TAKREER, FERTIL, BOROUGE, ESNAAD, AL DHARFA PETROLUEM,  JAPAN GAS CORPORATION (JGC), TECNIMONT, TOTAL, TECHNIP,NPCC, DODSAL, SNAMPROGETTI, AADC, ADDC, ADWEA, SCAD, WORLEYPARSONS, HYUNDAI, TUV Nord, TOTAL TRACTEBEL, LAMPRELL, HELMERICH & PAYNE, CEGELEC, VERIF-I, TASK, Abu Dhabi Oil Company ltd. (ADOC), DOT,DMAT,ENEC,EXPO2020, Abu Dhabi Airports (ADAC) and Etihad Airways. Source FivE Continents.

Si.No Job Title Location
1 Wellhead Tower Operator UAE
2 Wellhead Tower Operator (SIMOPS) UAE
3 Electrical Technician (Field) UAE
4 Process Plant Operator (OGO) UAE
5 Process Plant Operator (ZC) UAE
6 Snr Mechanical Technician (ZC) UAE
7 Electrical Technician (ZC) UAE
8 Electrical Technician UAE
9 Electrical Technician (Field) UAE
10 Instrument Technician (OGO) UAE
11 Senior Instrument Technician (UTS) UAE
12 Mechanical Technician (OGO) UAE
13 Mechanical Technician (UTS) UAE
14 Senior Instrument Technician (Field) UAE
15 Senior Process Plant Operator (OGO) UAE
16 Mechanical Technician UAE
17 Electrical Technician UAE
18 Technician, I-C UAE
19 Senior Technician, Mechanical UAE
20 Senior Technician, Rotating Equipment UAE
21 Technician, Mechanical UAE
22 Technician, Rotating Equipment UAE
23 Senior Operator UAE
24 Senior Operator (Utility) UAE
25 Operator (Utility) UAE
26 Senior Operator (Oil and Gas) UAE
27 Operator (Oil and Gas) UAE
28 Technician, Lab UAE
29 Senior Operator, Storage & Loading UAE
30 Operator, Storage & Loading UAE
31 Operator, Process UAE
32 Senior Operator, (SIMOPS) UAE
33 Senior Technician, I-C UAE
34 Technician, I-C UAE
35 Technician, Electrical UAE
36 Senior Operator, Plant UAE
37 Senior Technician, I-C UAE
38 Senior Operator Oil UAE
39 Operator Oil UAE
40 Operator Wells UAE
41 Operator Gas UAE
42 Operator Plant UAE
43 Tech Rotating Machinery UAE
44 Technician Mechanical UAE
45 Technician Electrical UAE
46 Technician C-I UAE
47 Snr Process Plant Operator UAE
48 Emergency Control Room Operator UAE
49 Senior Mechanical Technician UAE
50 Control Technician UAE
51 Senior Mechanical Technician UAE
52 Control Technician UAE
53 Well Head Tower Operator UAE
54 Mechanical Technician UAE
55 Process Plant Operator UAE
56 Snr Process Plant Operator UAE
57 Mechanical Technician UAE
58 Snr Mechanical Technician UAE
59 Mechanical Technician UAE
60 Snr Mechanical Technician (PDP) UAE
61 Mechanical Technician (PDP) UAE
62 Fire & Gas Technician (PDP) UAE
63 Senior Panel Operator UAE
64 Senior Electrical Technician UAE
65 Electrical Field Technician UAE
66 Sr Panel Operator UAE
67 Senior Electrical Technician UAE
68 Senior Instrument Technician UAE
69 Radio Operator UAE
70 Crane Operator UAE
71 Instrument SAT & WHPT Sr Technician UAE
72 Telecom System Sr Technician UAE
73 WHPT Sr Operator UAE
74 Mechanical SAT & WHPT Sr Technician UAE
75 WHPT Sr Operator UAE
76 Mechanical CC Technician UAE
77 Mechanical CC Sr Technician UAE
78 Electrical CC Sr Technician UAE
79 Electrical ACPT Technician UAE
80 Mechanical CC Sr Technician UAE
81 ACPT Operator UAE
82 Plant Operator UAE
83 Telecom System Sr Technician UAE
84 Instrument Sr Technician-F&G UAE
85 Instrument SAT & WHPT Technician UAE
86 Instrument CC Sr Technician UAE
87 Instrument SAT & WHPT Sr Technician UAE
88 Radio Operator UAE
89 Fire & Safety Technician UAE
90 Mechanical SAT & WHPT Sr Technician UAE
91 WHPT Sr Operator UAE
92 Mape Cranes Technician UAE
93 HVAC Technician UAE
94 Mapes Crane Sr Technician UAE
95 Crane Operator UAE
96 HVAC Technician UAE
97 Senior Panel Operator UAE
98 Senior WHP Operator UAE
99 Senior Powerhouse and Utility Operator UAE
100  Wellhead Operator UAE
101  Sr Mechanical Technician UAE
102  Mechanical Technician UAE
103  Sr Electrical Technician UAE
104  Electrical Technician UAE
105  Sr Instrument Technician UAE
106  Instrument Technician UAE
107  Radio Operator UAE
108  Sr Lab Technician UAE
109  Lab Technician UAE
110  Sr Gas Export Operator UAE
111  Gas Export Operator UAE
112  Senior Utility & Storage Operator UAE
113  Utility & Storage Operator UAE
114  Sr Panel Operators UAE
115  Oil & Gas Operators UAE
116  Sr Oil & Gas Operators UAE
117  Elec Ops Technician UAE
118  Snr Panel Operator UAE
119  Elec Mtn Snr Technician UAE
120  Elec Mtn Technician UAE
121  HVAC Snr Technician UAE
122  Mech Pro Technician UAE
123  Mechanical GT Snr Technician UAE
124  Mechanical GT Technician UAE
125  Inst Pro Technician UAE
126  Inst Utl Technician UAE
127  Inst F&G Snr Techncian UAE
128  Inst F&G Technician UAE
129  Fire Safety Technician UAE
130  WI Snr Optr UAE
131  WI Optr UAE
132  PGP Snr Optr UAE
133  PGP Optr UAE
134  Gen Utilities Snr Operator UAE
135  Gen Utilities Operator UAE
136  Well Pad Optr UAE
137  Gas Snr Optr UAE
138  Gas Optr UAE
139  Oil Snr Optr UAE
140  IFCC Snr Operator UAE
141  F&S Tech UAE
142  Snr Gen Utilities Optr UAE
143  Gen Utilities Optr UAE
144  Oil & Gas Snr Optr UAE
145  Well Pad Snr Optr UAE
146  Well Pad Optr UAE
147  F&S Tech UAE
148  Snr Gen Utilities Optr UAE
149  Gen Utilities Optr UAE
150  Oil & Gas Optr UAE
151  Well Pad Snr Optr UAE
152  Well Pad Optr UAE
153  Snr Gen Utilities Optr UAE
154  Gen Utilities Optr UAE
155  Oil & Gas Snr Optr UAE
156  Oil & Gas Optr UAE
157  Well Pad Snr Optr UAE
158  Well Pad Optr UAE
159  F&S Tech UAE
160  Inst Snr Tech UAE
161  Inst Tech UAE
162  Elec Snr Tech UAE
163  Elec Tech UAE
164  Mech Snr Tech UAE
165  Mech Tech UAE
166  Snr GT M Tech UAE
167  GT M Tech UAE
168  Snr GT C Tech UAE
169  GT C Tech UAE
170  Inst Snr Tech UAE
171  Inst Tech UAE
172  Elec Snr Tech UAE
173  Elec Tech UAE
174  Mech Snr Tech UAE
175  Mech Tech UAE
176  Inst Snr Tech UAE
177  Inst Tech UAE
178  Elec Snr Tech UAE
179  Elec Tech UAE
180  Mech Snr Tech UAE
181  Mech Tech UAE
182  Inst Snr Tech UAE
183  Inst Tech UAE
184  Elec Snr Tech UAE
185  Elec Tech UAE
186  Mech Snr Tech UAE
187  Mech Tech UAE
188  Sr Technician (Telecoms) UAE

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